Excavating Services

Earth Moving & Land Clearing

Choose one or all of our expert excavating services and our team will exceed your expectations

Earth Moving

Earth moving requires a multitude of skills, but Dan Cristiani relies on two main skills, accuracy and timely execution. Our dedicated earth moving teams apply our skills to all commercial projects we complete.

If you're looking for a qualified excavating and earth moving company in the Louisville or Southern Indiana area, contact us today to see how we can make a difference.

Land Clearing

Whether you’re preparing a small lot for a new home or clearing acres of ground for a commercial development, Dan Cristiani Excavating is the perfect choice for all your land clearing and site preparation work.

From removing and recycling brush and trees to excavation and grading, we can handle your project from start to finish.


If your project requires demolition work, we have experience with a wide range of jobs. From small houses to large scale jobs, such as schools and hospitals, we can handle your project.

Our demolition team can handle your project even if it is a demanding one with limited access, short timelines or similar concerns. We will rise to the occasion with careful and complete demolition and removal.

Storm Water Retention

Storm water retention areas are an important part to any storm water drainage system. Once your storm water runoff has been diverted, it has to end up in a waterway to be carried off to a larger body of water.

Dan Cristiani Excavating can design and construct your retention basin. All of our retention areas are designed and constructed following local and state laws. Hire a company that knows the state and local laws and has the experience like Dan Cristiani Excavating.